If you are attending ALA LibLearnX this weekend, please consider stopping by at my virtual presentation Supporting Indie Authors on Saturday January 22, 2022. In it, Manager Kacper Jarecki and I will discuss how we have made Cambria Heights Library (Queens Public Library in New York City) a pioneer in our support for independent authors (not to mention artists, filmmakers, musicians etc.) through programming, collection development, resources etc. and how we can expand our support to greater heights. If you are doing the same or interested in doing the same, we would love your input in this Ideas Xchange!


Happy New Year Everyone! As some of you may recall, my New Years Resolution for 2021 was to finish the first draft of Bad Americans, the new volume of The Human Tragedy series. Well, today I am almost done with the 12th and final story of the hybrid novel/short story…

Join us for a unique program where storytelling and music combine for a spellbinding experience in the New York City subway!

Acclaimed bestselling novelist Tejas Desai reads from his riveting thriller The Run and Hide from his international crime trilogy The Brotherhood Chronicle as blues fiddler Greg Holt and his…

*Published on my birthday a couple of weeks ago on FB*

40 years ago I was born this evening at Flushing Hospital in New York City.

40 years later, not only am I glad to be alive, but I genuinely feel I’ve lived such a full and amazing life and…

I’m happy to report that Bad Americans (The Human Tragedy Vol. 2) is, three months into 2021, 1/4 done. That means I’m still on track to finish the book by New Year 2022 per my New Years resolution. This, of course, could change: the most important thing is to produce…

I was wonderfully surprised to see this performance at the Inauguration considering I just finished writing a story in Spoken Word style a couple of days ago for my upcoming short story collection Bad Americans!

On the Eve of the Trump Family’s departure from the White House, I think this quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is most fitting:

“They were careless people…they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

Tejas Desai

Tejas Desai is an American fiction writer, international adventurer and literary personality. Author of The Brotherhood Chronicle trilogy and The Human Tragedy.

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